With Trump nearing 100 days in office, Elon Poll takes temperature of NC voters

As President Donald Trump’s time in the office draws near to 100 days, polls across the nation are measuring the opinions of voters, charting the progression of how Americans feel about Trump’s efforts in running the country.

According to the Elon University Poll released on Wednesday, 49 percent of North Carolina respondents said that President Donald Trump is doing a worse job as president than President Barack Obama, while only 39 percent said Trump is outperforming his predecessor.

Jason Husser, director of the Elon Poll, said even though North Carolina voted Republican on Election Day, this downward trend is something Trump is experiencing across the nation.

“This is really representative of the whole country,” Husser told Elon News Network. “The national Electoral College voted for him and his poll numbers are — for the most part — similar on the national stage.”
Another poll question addressed Trump’s consistency with his campaign promises. Fifty-six percent of North Carolina voters think Trump’s actions are consistent with his campaign promises. Among those promises was a plan to build a wall along the country’s southern border with Mexico. Nearly 60 percent of all voters oppose the wall, including 92 percent of Democrats who oppose the idea


Ray Lin, Assistant Director of The Center for Race, Ethnicity, & Diversity Education, said he thinks that Trump’s approval numbers may have dropped because of his inconsistency with campaign promises.

“A lot of things that have been happening in this first 100 days didn’t work out as smoothly as he said they would in his campaign,” said Lin. “For the most part, his approach to being president has been as he said it would in the campaign, but there have been a lot of things that he hasn’t been able to do. That works for a campaign but doesn’t work when you’re in office.”

Overall support of Trump has declined among North Carolina voters, according to the poll. Trump was elected with 49.9 percent of the vote in-state, but only 41.6 percent of voters currently approve of the job he is doing as president, while 50.5 percent


Approval numbers appear to align strongly with party affiliation. Eighty-seven percent of Democrats disapprove of Trump’s performance, while 88 percent of Republicans approve of the way he is handling the job.

“Though President Trump enjoyed considerable support among North Carolinians on Election Day, he has lost ground among the crucial independent voters responsible for his success over Hillary Clinton,” Husser said in a press release.

Husser also said because of the polarized political enviroment, it is “hard for any President to succeed,” which might explain some of the growing disapproval of Trump.

Survey results in this news release present responses from registered voters who were classified as likely voters in the Nov. 8 election and has a margin of error of +/- 4.36 percentage points.

The full survey results can be viewed here.


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